(I001) Office Automation (Single Office App)


[Price Page Min 4 hour]

Above price is <minimum unit> of “4 man-hours” based.


This section is only to simulate to calculation of the <<Total Etimated Price>>

<<Total Estimated Price>> = <minimum unit> x [Total estimated work time]


Please put [Total Estimated work time] below. eg) 4 hours is 1 unit (default setting). If the est. total working time is 8 hours then you need to put [ 2 ] in below cart.


This service is minimum of “4 man-hours” of working time.

The service includes:
– Automation of one of MS Office program such as Excel, Word, PowerPoint.
– 1 correction modification after the automation completed.
(only correction, not new of any function or parameter addtion

– The automation will NOT be separate compiled .exe program
– The MS Office must be installed and in working condition prior to use of office automation.
– The office security setting must be macro enabled otherwise the programmer will be responsible
– The office should be in desk top installed application and it should NOT be any of cloud service form.
– The programmer will not be responsible unless totally, individually, personally, directly and solely affected to the business impact.

Billing procedure:
– Must agree and sign for the purchase order (e-form)
– Prepaid by credit card or Bank transfer
– Final price will be adjusted by actual time spent with customer signature endorsed service delivery form.

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