(L001) Digital Marketing Service


Above price is <minimum unit> of “3 man-day” based.


This section is only to simulate to calculation of the <<Total Etimated Price>>.

<<Total Estimated Price>> = <minimum unit> x [Total estimated work time]

Please put [Total Estimated work time] below. eg) 3 day is 1 unit (default setting). If the est. total working time is 6 days then you need to put [ 2 ] in below cart.


This service is minimum of “3 man-days” of working time.

The service includes:
– Consultation
– Study of business
– Analytic script installation (eg: Google Analytics, Facebook Pixel, SDK etc.) – Data Analysis
– Marketing campaign strategy
– Advising optimization
– Setting target audiences (Detailed, Custom, Lookallike)
– Advertising display platform
– Bidding strategy
– Ad formats
– Analytic & sales reports

Digital Marketing Platforms
– Google Ads
– Facebook Ads
– Instagram Ads
– Twitter Ads
– Youtube Ads
– Webpages
– Blogs
– Audience Network
– Messenger
– etc.

*Please contact us for the project consultation.
The actual quote will be billed based on actual time spent which should have agreement upon client prior to undertake the service work.

Billing procedure:
1. Estimation quotation on contract.
2. Actual time spent and Client validation
3. Bill with the actual time spent with customer approved endorsement or Package SLA monthly serives.

Advertiser advisor will not be responsible unless totally, individually, personally, directly and solely affected to the business impact unless otherwise stated in contract document.

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