(K001) ISO 9001 Documentations


Above price is <minimum unit> of “1 man-day” based.


This section is only to simulate to calculation of the <<Total Etimated Price>>.

<<Total Estimated Price>> = <minimum unit> x [Total estimated work time]

Please put [Total Estimated work time] below. eg) 1 day is 1 unit (default setting). If the est. total working time is 3 days then you need to put [ 3 ] in below cart.


This service is minimum of “1 man-day” of working time.

The service includes:
– ISO 9001 Quality Management Documentation Templates.

Service order is more than 2 man-days:
– Study of customer business .
– Consultation
– Analysis
– Create/Modification of process documentation
– Process implementation
– Pre certification run test
– Education and transition
– Handover

**Please contact us for the inquiries and contents**

Billing procedure:
– Must agree and sign for the purchase order (e-form)
– Prepaid by credit card or Bank transfer
– Progressive payment if long progress based project type work
– Final price will be adjusted by actual time spent with customer signature endorsed service delivery form.

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